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At MING FONG FINANCE COMPANY LIMITED (MFFCL) our customers satisfaction is our TOP priority. Below is a sampling of feedback from some of our satisfied customers. We want to share with you what our customers think about Ming Fong Finance Company Limited, We would love to hear from you too.

What Clients are Saying about Ming Fong Finance Company Limited

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Adam Craven: I’ve had the good fortune to work with the CEO of Ming Fong Finance Company Limited, Mr. Fong. So far they have funded over 16 loans for me and have never let me down. They have always done what they promised and have been there to close quickly when needed. I have and will continue to recommended their services to everyone I know!

Casey Coleridge, From Liverpool: “The service and attention to detail I received from Ming Fong Finance Company Limited was outstanding. Before I started the refinance process I spoke with the customer service rep for over an hour. In my head I had one idea of what I wanted to do but she was able to offer me several different options, some I never even consider. I found her to be very skillful in assisting me and I am comfortable and confident of the decision we made together. She was able to set me up with a loan that will enable me to pay off my mortgage quicker and save me money at the same time. That was a win-win for me and my family. In closing I must state that this was by far the best experience I have ever had with any private lender or a Banking Institution. I fully recommend anyone using Ming Fong Finance Company Limited.”


Derrick: MFFCL had given us a helping hand by providing us the Performance Guarantee towards our Urea buyer to obtain a Letter of Credit from them. At the same time, Ming Fong Finance supported us in providing the Letter of Credit in favor of our Urea supplier. We must say that without their trade finance support, this deal would have not been completed.
Dr. Ilyas: Mr. Fong was prompt, professional, and courteous. He was patient and thorough answering all of my questions because it was my first take at lease bank guarantees which I needed to finance my Hospital expansion project in Pakistan. He kept the ball rolling and the process was completed within the time frame promised. There were absolutely no surprises at settlement. An excellent job from mr. Fong!”

Agarwal, Mumbai: Ming Fong Finance Company Limited has given me the opportunity to get my business done by providing a Letter of Credit (LC, MT-700) At Sight instantly for my sugar transaction. I really appreciated the guidance and assistance which MFFCL has provided me to finish my transaction which I initially thought was impossible.


lease sblc providers, international bank guarantee providers, top bg providers, lease bank guarantee providers, top sblc providers, guaranteed lease programPark Ji-Hoo, Director of Jihoon Investments, South Korea: I have been working with Ming Fong Finance Company Limited for many years. Their professionalism in my book is a “5 star rating”. They handled all of my clients in the utmost professional manner and funded and closed all of my clients’ loans in a timely manner. Not only have they accomomdated my clients during the processing and closing of our loans, another great feature they bring to the table is they are always accessible to answer any questions my clients have during the term of their loan. It’s always a pleasure to work with their team and knowing my clients are in great hands.

Justin from Waterloo: Worked with Ming Fong for the first time in May of 2015. I found working with them to be very professional and the process moved very quickly with no surprises. I would recommend Ming Fong Finance to anyone who is looking at “hard-money” loans and needs to work with a group that is honest, fast and reliable.


genuine international money lendersSerry: I have been very impressed with the ease of transaction, the promptness of obtaining our pre-approval letter and loan, and the level of detail explaining the loan and loan process. Our agent even commented “that was the smoothest and quickest loan transaction I have seen in a long time”. Professional staff, same day responsiveness and excellent service. Highly recommended.

Toni Brown: From the very moment the customer service agent of Ming Fong Finance called me I felt a sense of honesty. I was nervous about working with someone based on past experience with a fake bank guarantee provider, but the agent was honest with me, informative, and he allowed me to ask the most minute questions, and he answered them where I could understand. I trust what he tells me, and feel excited about my future goals, the first trial BG amount of 1m USD was successfully completed in 7 days, I am going to apply for bigger amount after 2 months. I also had the pleasure of working with the director himself Mr. Fong, he was very helpful, a very helpful and pleasant group of people.


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Kwesi Mensah, Accra, Ghana: We had gold transactions with several buyers from America and Europe and we chased several banks in Ghana in particular and Africa as a whole to obtain a Letter of Credit (LC), but got dismayed when they inform us that our small scale mining company did not qualify since we are unable to provide their required security and collateral. Luckily, we found Ming Fong Finance Company Limited through Google searching and it was our turning point in this small scale gold mining business. We submitted our requirements and they structured our gold transactions in such a manner that we successfully completed our business transactions with most of our overseas buyers. Since year 2012 till now we have been using the services of Ming Fong Finance Company and we are very satisfied with their service delivery and fast service. I strongly recommend them for anyone who needs BG, SBLC or DLC for either import or export transactions.

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Gwendolyn Miles: The process of small business financing with Ming Fong Finance Company was a very easy process. We appreciate the time and effort made by your representatives.


Thomas from Belgium: Recently I had an emergency and needed to get a quick loan. I had heard of Ming Fong Finance but was skeptical. I went to their website which was clear with straightforward information. The customer service rep I spoke with told me what documents and information’s they needed from me to process my loan application. I must admit that their representative were courteous, quick, and very helpful. In few days my loan was transferred into my ING bank account in Belgium. Thank you Ming Fong Finance Company Limited for being there for me when I needed urgent funding for my business.

Mustapha Ahmed from Cairo, Egypt: Very polite & straight to the point. Problem solved. Thank you Very Much.
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Cheng, Central Hong Kong: I was impressed with the convenience and very helpful customer service. The approval process was streamlined and not complicated. I had been declined by my local bank for a personal loan, I am very grateful to Ming Fong Finance Company Limited, their interest rate is low and requirements very minimal. I am contacting them soon for a bigger loan request for my real estate business.



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Andrea Gaus, Paris, France: I just want to write a testimonial because I am a satisfied customer of Ming Fong Finance Company Limited. I was scammed two times by fake BG providers from London, and another guy from USA, so I gave up looking for BG for my projects. Anyway my good friend introduced me to Ming Fong Finance Company on January 21, 2010.  I told my friend I am not ready to loose money again, but he told me he has used the services of Ming Fong Finance Company Limited 5 times and they always delivered him with loans and bank instruments without failure. It really boosted my moral, so I decided to gave it a trial. After I contacted Ming Fong who happens to be the CEO, within 9 days I got my first loan which really helped me to win the contract I was seeking. Again in September of same year I contacted Ming Fong again, but this time for a Bank Guarantee transaction. Within 9 days my 85 Million Euro BG was issued by my preferred issuing bank (HSBC London). Also, Mr. Fong allowed me to pay the BG leasing fee of 4% in 21 days, instead of 7 days which other providers told me. Since year 2010 till date I always go to Mr. Fong for all my loan and bank instruments needs. So please If you need direct loan or BG/SBLC look no further, Ming Fong Finance Company Limited is your best bet. I am a 100% satisfied customer and I recommend their service to any serious customer.

Mehmet Ali, from Turkey: Mr. Fong was very courteous and professional, providing clear explanations of the terms and conditions of all of the paperwork. He was patient and made certain that our interests were protected during the whole process. All actions requiring his follow up and intervention were handled with courtesy and respect. We are quite pleased with his performance, and the overall experience. I therefore have referred many of my friends and colleagues to them because one good turn deserves another. Mr. Fong please keep up the good work you are doing.
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Yudianto, from Yogyakarta, Indonesia: Very user-friendly service and quick response time. The agent on the phone stayed with me until my application was complete. This expedited the monitization process and gave me confidence. He was well equipped to answer my questions. Also, my SBLC was monetized in 7 days @ 70% LTV. That was fabulous because other monitizers were offering me 50% LTV. Again, a no hassle experience and with the service delivery.
Amanda Higginson, Perth, Australia: The customer service rep that I spoke to was awesome. He verified my identity and the money was in the bank the very next morning eventhough it was just a small loan application for my first trial. It was an easy and awesome experience. Thank you for being there for me Mr. Fong, I am directing more customers from Australia to you because you are the best.


Karen Horner- Stafford: It was a very positive experience overall.  I have since recommended friends to Ming Fong Finance and have been told they are still extremely responsive, personable and explains the process/programs thoroughly.



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