Funding Solution

Dear Sir/Madam,
We have league of investors who are interested to invest in genuine and profitable projects like businesses (import and export), real estate, mining, construction projects, startups, acquisitions, commodities trading, agriculture, hotels/restaurants/tourism projects, energy projects etc.

You will partner with the investor but you will manage the project and the profit will be shared between you and the investor. You can even inject the funds into your existing business and the profits will be shared while the business remains yours.

No collateral needed. The business will stand as security. We also have financial instrument such as BG, LC, DLC, SBLC for lease, these instruments are issued by prime banks only. If the above interests you, contact us immediately via below contact details:

Email:  |
Telephone: +852 81 75 35 71
Skype:  mingfongfinance

One thought on “Funding Solution

  1. I am interested in having broiler breeders in my country since it is not available at all yet we eat chicken. All chicken we eat in the country is imported either as fertile eggs or day old chicks so according view i can see a very viable business as local farmers are protected therefore please help.


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